When choosing a hat, we must observe two very important points: the type of body and the shape of the face. The main objective is that the hat helps us highlight our attractive features and improve areas in which we are not very favored. Since regardless of your attire these two points mentioned above are what will define how a hat looks on you.

We will first talk about hats for men of larger stature, try to avoid small and short-brimmed hats as they will make you look even taller and will look a bit disproportionate to your body, contrary to this you should wear hats with a slightly more robust crown but not so high, rather a crown medium, a wide brim too and a fairly wide band too.

Now we will talk about hats for shorter and slimmer people, here you will get more benefits from wearing a hat as it will help your body look a bit longer. but you must take into account important points such as choosing hats that do not have a very wide crown, but if it should be a little high and preferably that its band is not very wide and has the same color as the chosen hat, its brim should also be medium Not too long but not too short either. That said, now we will focus on seeing according to the type of face.

if you are a person with a rather pronounced nose, you should choose hats with a slightly longer brim, which is at least long enough to reach the level of the tip of your nose and should fold it a little downwards and preferably have a cup something wide, if you are someone with a round face you should lean towards hats that do not have a very thin crown but rather something medium equally with its brim and its band should be something medium, a Fedora could be something ideal. If you are someone with a large head try to avoid hats with wide crowns and wide bands.

In conclusion, you should have at least two or three different types of hats since, taking into account the aforementioned aspects, you will be able to combine them with your different outfits and look great.