Before starting to talk about the different styles of hats, we will classify them into two that are the most important. On the one hand, we first have the summer hats that are known worldwide as Panama Hats (Straw Hats). They are very light and fresh hats and allow air to circulate on sunny and hot days.

And on the other hand, we have the Wool Felt Hats which are hats designed to maintain body heat by blocking heat from the head.

We will start talking about the trilby-style hat, it is characterized by having a very short brim and somewhat pronounced slits on the front and the cup has a shape that resembles a drop of water

We also have the Pork Pie style hat, which is a short brim hat too but this one has an oval crown and no slits.

Now we will talk about the classic Fedora hat, it is a hat that closely resembles the Trilby style, but the Fedora has a slightly longer brim

Within the Fedora, we have an American Fedora style hat, which is a hat very similar to the classic fedora but its crown changes shape taking the shape of a drop of water and with an equally long brim like the classic Fedora.

Colonial style Panama hat (Optimo), this hat has a medium brim that can be worn straight or you can give it a slight rise in the back, it has a very robust round crown and a line that goes from the front to the back and that is what characterizes him

The Pamela style is a hat for women only. It is characterized by its rounded crown and a very long brim.